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Fl is downed
Feb 13, 10 10:07 AM
Sartharon and onyxia 10 man are down.
Feb 9, 10 8:02 PM
Guild is live!
Feb 9, 10 7:41 PM
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Welcome to Liminality!

Liminality is a dedicated raiding guild on the European outland server, we do Fun runs, gearing groups and serious raids both 10 and 25 man, We accept any level 80 of any gear score as we help gear them up to the top as well as teaching them tactics, rotations and talent builds.

If you wish to join you can apply here or whisper any member of us in game for an invite, just type /who liminality in game.

Hope to play with you soon.
Guild master Iscalar
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Fl is downed

LiminalityIscalar, Feb 13, 10 10:07 AM.
FL is downed on a uld 10 fun run, albeit the problems before hand fairly good work from the group, congrats guys.

Sartharon and onyxia 10 man are down.

LiminalityIscalar, Feb 9, 10 8:02 PM.
Sartharon and Onyxia have been downed in 10 man mode in a mix between our guildies and pug players, congratulations all who attended.

Also a special note to Andruu who had already left the raid when we screenshotted.

Guild is live!

LiminalityIscalar, Feb 9, 10 7:41 PM.
From the 8th of february 2010, The guild Liminality is officially live on the European outland server, apply today =]
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